I'm Kathryn, the face behind Creatively Owned. I am a small-town, prairie girl just trying to keep it real! I am a professional marketer, photographer, and level one sommelier (fancy title for someone who works with wine). I am a lover of wine, travel, and a good cup of black coffee. Since my first year of university, I always dreamed about owning my own business.

But after gradutating with my bachelors of marketing degree, I jumped feet first into my corporate career where I helped businesses improve their profitablity by creating knockout branding and exceptional customer experiences. It wasn't until after graduating with my masters in communication that I really started questioning my career direction. And after nearly 15 years of working corporately, I ditched my 9-5 to pursue my creative passions. I am now the proud owner of a custom winery and a photography business. 

Two years into our wine business we have experienced exceptional growth and rave reviews. However, even with my background in marketing and communications I know how overwhelmed I felt trying to grow my businesses, while staying creative and performing day-to-day operations.

This is what inspired me to start Creatively Owned. I am passionate about helping other creatives and solo entrepreneurs build kick-ass businesses. Why? Because I know this entrepreneurial journey can be damn hard. But...I also know how amazing it feels to succeed while doing what you love. I am excited to share my stories and the strategies I used to launch and grow my businesses. If I can help one person feel more empowered and less overwhelmed in their entrepreneurial journey, I will be one happy camper! 


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