4 Simple Ways to be Seen as an Expert in your Industry without a Degree or Certification

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2019

Do you ever catch yourself thinking .. Who am I to be doing this?

Ya know…

The little imposter monster creeping in that old head of yours. 

Saying nasty things like:

You aren’t qualified enough.

You are too young to coach people. 

You don’t have enough lived experience.

You have nothing of value to share.

Sound familiar? 

Well you aren’t alone. The imposter syndrome is the real deal my friend. It’s probably one of the biggest hurdles we face, especially when we are just starting out.

That is WHY I want to share four simple ways you can be seen as an expert in your industry without a degree or certification.

How does that sound? 

Alright...let’s dive in!

If you want to go from a nobody to a somebody quicker than a snail's pace, here are four ways you can start doing that right now without a degree or certification:

1. Put Yourself Out There

Leverage someone else’s audience aka write for a leading authority with a similar audience, speak at their events, do a guest training inside their FB Group, or take over their stories for a day! Not only does this help people see you as a leading expert, it gets you in front of potential clients.

2. Collaborate and Support Others

Collaboration is so vital for being seen as an expert in your industry. For example, what expert can you bring into your FB community to help your audience? And what communities can you jump into and offer free training. Start making that list now...and don’t be afraid to ask, but also give equally. The worst thing someone can say is ...NO. But we have to start asking for what we want, because it isn’t going to magically appear. Also, the more people you bring in to your community the more they will share about your business. And the more communities you jump into the more you are being seen.

3. Help Your Ideal Clients

Testimonials. Testimonials. Testimonials. The more people you help, the more you can share the results they are experiencing, and the more they start raving about you. This starts to build credibility and gets your audience seeing you as a leading expert.

4. Go Against the Grain

Do things differently. 

Go against the grain. 

Don’t be an echo.

How are you doing things differently? 

How is what you offer different? 

How is what you say different? 

How can you get your audience to see things differently? 

Your messaging has to
STAND OUT in order for people to start seeing you as a leading expert in your industry. And the only way to do that is by being different.

While this isn’t one of the points I cover...embodying the leader you want people to see you as is the golden ticket to being SEEN as one. 

Remember our outer world is a mere reflection of our inner state. So, if you don’t believe that you are a leading expert no one else will my friend. 

So what do you say? 

Are you ready to BE the leading expert in your industry and actually freakin’ claim it?

Let’s do this!


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