8 Reasons Why You Should Do What You Love For A Living

After years of going through the motions and working in a career I wasn't passionate about, I quit my job so I could start doing what I love for a living. At the time, I think most people thought I was nuts for giving up a high paying job and a career I worked so hard to establish. But what I don't think they fully understood was, I'd rather take the risk to do something I loved than spending one more day doing something I hated.  Life is too damn short to spend it hating what you do! After I made the transition, I noticed three major changes happening in my life. Those three things are the reasons why I think you should do what you love for a living. 

“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am strong believer that doing something you love for a living leads to a more fulfilled life, or at least that is how I have felt since I made the leap. While there is nothing easy about venturing out on your own, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am not wishing my weekdays away and living for the weekends. I often get asked if I miss my old career; and I can say without a doubt no. Launching my businesses has ignited a fire in my soul that had been dimly burning for years. Fill your soul with something you love doing, you won't regret it!


Passion is the driving force behind what fuels us. It is what lights us up! Without it we lose a sense of purpose, excitement, and happiness. For years, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't happy, why I yearned for something different. On paper, I had it all. A good paying job, nice house, good car, great spouse, loving family, and amazing friends, but I hated my job. I actually forgot what it felt like to be passionate, and now my passion radiates. People often say to me they can tell I love what I am doing. Do something for a living that lights you you!


When people see other people succeeding in a job they love, it gives them inspiration to pursue their dreams. It is what we call the good old ripple effect. I can't think of anything better than more people living a fulfilled, passionate, and authentic life! Let's spread the love, and inspire more people to do what they love for a living. 


Stress is a silent killer that not a lot of people talk about. While I am not a doctor or medical professional, I do know that stress is extremely bad for our overall long-term health. I spent 15 years working in corporate marketing and communications. Logging long hours, stressed about meeting unrealistic deadlines, overworking myself to get ahead, and hating every minute of it. I started worrying about things that in the grand scheme of things don't matter. 

It wasn't until I ditched my career to pursue something I loved, that I realized how stress was a huge part of my life. Now, I am far less anxious, I don't wish for weekends to never end, I am not going through the motions, and I have more energy to devote to things of importance like family and friends. 


When you start doing what you love for a living, it allows you to gain perspective of what really maters. I think we spend so much of our life devoted to our work, because that is what we were taught to do. Our society teaches us, going to school, and getting a good job is true definition of success. But when you start building a life and business you love, you'll soon gain perspective that you there is more to life than earning a 6-figure income in a job you hate. 


Negativity is also contagious and spreads quickly and fast. You see, what you do for a living and your life outside of work isn't separate. And it tends to seep into the other aspects of your life, like your relationships. The longer you stay in a job you hate, the more likely you'll start hating other aspects of your life.


When you are bogged down in what I call the daily fog, it is hard to find your creativity. It takes loads of your energy when your job is misaligned with what your passions truly are. So, when we are able to build a life and business we love, we give ourselves the space to be creative. 


When you allow yourself to pursue your passions, you allow yourself to truly align with your soul. And when we are fully aligned we are better versions of ourselves. Thus, we can better serve our customers, our families, and most importantly ourselves. 



Kathryn Thompson


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