4 Simple Ways to be Seen as an Expert in your Industry without a Degree or Certification

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2019

Do you ever catch yourself thinking .. Who am I to be doing this?

Ya know…

The little imposter monster creeping in that old head of yours. 

Saying nasty things like:

You aren’t qualified enough.

You are too young to coach people. 

You don’t have enough lived experience.

You have nothing of value to share.

Sound familiar? 

Well you aren’t alone. The imposter syndrome is the real deal my friend. It’s probably one of the biggest hurdles we face, especially when we are just starting out.

That is WHY I want to share four simple ways you can be seen as an expert in your industry without a degree or certification.

How does that sound? 

Alright...let’s dive in!

If you want to go from a nobody to a somebody quicker than a snail's pace, here are four ways you can start doing that right now without a degree or certification:

1. Put Yourself Out There

Leverage someone else’s audience aka write for a leading authority with a...

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Why Social Media Isn't Working for You?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

I've heard a lot of people lately being frustrated with all the CHANGES happening with IG and FB. They've seen a drop in engagement, and little to no growth. And they feel like they are spending so much time on the app with little to show for it. 

Well the cold hard TRUTH is, it's not the apps fault. While we love to blame something or someone for things not working out as we hope, it truly isn't the apps fault. 

It might seem HARSH but social media isn't working for you because the content you are putting out isn't landing with your people, and your messaging is likely all over the place.

......and you are solely relying on social to gain TRACTION in your business. As if posting 5 times a week, doing stories, and just being on the app will miraculously  build you a profitable business.

But in reality social media like billboards or radio ads are just ways (mediums, platforms) in which we can COMMUNICATE with our audience. And if we aren't effectively...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Do What You Love For A Living

After years of going through the motions and working in a career I wasn't passionate about, I quit my job so I could start doing what I love for a living. At the time, I think most people thought I was nuts for giving up a high paying job and a career I worked so hard to establish. But what I don't think they fully understood was, I'd rather take the risk to do something I loved than spending one more day doing something I hated.  Life is too damn short to spend it hating what you do! After I made the transition, I noticed three major changes happening in my life. Those three things are the reasons why I think you should do what you love for a living. 

“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


I am strong believer that doing something you love for a living leads to a more fulfilled life, or at least that is how I have felt since I made the leap. While...

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UNDONE: Why it took me so long to pursue my creative passion?

I’ll take you back to early nineties where it all started. Sporting baggy jeans, big bangs and a fluorescent windbreaker. Paula Abdul’s song, Straight Up, is blaring on my yellow Walkman. I had just celebrated my eleventh birthday. The fall air is crisp. We’re kicking off a new school year and I am pumped to be in a class with my BFFs. 

I don’t care much for mathematics or sciences. I am definitely more drawn to the arts. I doodle incessantly. I am a visual learner. And for as long as I can remember I DREAM about being an actress. I should have clued in then that I was destined to live a creative life!

But, primary school education didn’t really encourage me to hone my artistic skills. I was made to believe that art and drama classes were for fun, and that the real jobs came from core classes such as math and science. Unbeknownst to me, my future was being scripted. The FEAR of the starving artist was being ingrained so deeply in my mind.

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How I Turned My Creative Passion Into a Booming Business

After nearly 15 years of working in corporate marketing and communications, I ditched the nine to five grind to turn what I loved into a booming business. At the time, I think most people thought I was nuts for giving up a high paying job and a career I worked so hard to establish. But what I don't think they fully understood was, I'd rather take the risk to do something I loved than spending one more day doing something I hated. 

“If you organize your life around your passion, you can turn your passion into your story and then turn your story into something bigger, something that matters.” - Blake Mycoskie

Since I left my high paying corporate job, I often get asked why I decided to do it? And when I share my story, I quickly get asked how I did it? So here we go, this is the story of how I took what I loved and turned it into a booming business….and how you can too!


When I graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce degree I had it all. I was...

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