Why Social Media Isn't Working for You?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

I've heard a lot of people lately being frustrated with all the CHANGES happening with IG and FB. They've seen a drop in engagement, and little to no growth. And they feel like they are spending so much time on the app with little to show for it. 

Well the cold hard TRUTH is, it's not the apps fault. While we love to blame something or someone for things not working out as we hope, it truly isn't the apps fault. 

It might seem HARSH but social media isn't working for you because the content you are putting out isn't landing with your people, and your messaging is likely all over the place.

......and you are solely relying on social to gain TRACTION in your business. As if posting 5 times a week, doing stories, and just being on the app will miraculously  build you a profitable business.

But in reality social media like billboards or radio ads are just ways (mediums, platforms) in which we can COMMUNICATE with our audience. And if we aren't effectively communicating with our audience it won't matter what platform you use.  

You'll continue to struggle to get more clients, and make more money!  

Let's think about some massive brands like Coca Cola or Starbucks. They have a very specific audience, with a very specific message, and they are cohesive in communicating that ACROSS all of the platforms they use to promote their brands. 

 You know almost instantaneously when coming in CONTACT with their business whether that is on their website, seeing a commercial, visiting their store, what they do and stand for.

They've also positioned themselves in the market in a unique way even though pop and coffee aren't exactly UNIQUE offerings. 

Take coffee for instance, I mean how many "coffee shops" are in the market? There are loads of coffee shops, and yet, Starbucks continues to make money.

Seems a little too far fetched for you as they are BIG brands with big budgets. Let's look at some little guys making massive waves. 

Emma Knudsen is a Canadian clothing brand that prides themselves on making ethically responsible dresses and what not. And like a lot of brands clothing isn't exactly exclusive to Emma Knudsen and she has a lot of competition. 

But she found her position in the market by creating ethically responsible garments. And she's created a bit of a movement around it. 

If you aren't seeing the engagement, likes, follows or profit you desire, it's likely because your content isn't standing out and making an impact amongst your audience. And you haven't created a unique position that sets you apart. 

Now I have a lot of people get mad at me when I say this, but it is TRUE! So here are a few things to consider if you aren't seeing the results you want from Social Media. 

1. Shift your perspective when it comes to social. Think about it as a way to communicate, and then ask yourself why am I communicating this every time you post, how is this going to help my audience, why would my audience care about this. 

2. What you post should be less about you and more about your audience. How is this serving them, how can they see themselves in what I am posting, how can they relate to what I am posting. 

3. Your messaging should be succinct, clear, and specific. 

4. When people land on your feed or page they should know in less than 10 seconds what you do and stand for. If you don't convey that in that time frame, you'll lose them.

5. Your messaging and brand should be cohesive across all of your platforms (i.e., website, social media sites, etc.)

6. How are you positioning yourself differently in the market? Why should people buy from you, and not someone else? 





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