How the value of what we offer doesn’t come from how-to content, it comes from this...

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2020

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It’s interesting, because I used to believe that the more how-to content I produced the more value I was giving my audience.

And like so many content creators, I was on this endless loop of always having to create something. Doing my best to ‘teach’ my audience what I thought they needed to know.

While I love to write and express myself creatively, I started to feel my own sense of overwhelm from all the content flying around.

Do this…
Don’t do that…
Try this…
Here’s another way…
Download my freebie…
Listen to my podcast....

I started to hear a collective response from my clients saying, they’ve tried everything, and downloaded so many freebies.  And they are starting to get overwhelmed with all the information.

Not sure what the right next best step is for their business. But they are holding onto hope that the next downloadable will give them the answers they need to crack the code to their success.

Can you relate?

And they’re stuck in the vicious cycle of consuming content with little to show for it. And they are frustrated with why they aren’t seeing traction in their business. 

The truth is your audience doesn’t need more how-tos, hacks, steps, or strategies to start seeing the results they desire. The value doesn’t come from more how-to content.

In fact, it’s the last thing they need if they actually want to experience lasting change. I believe how-to content is a band aid solution. It offers short-term relief and inspiration, but like most new year's resolutions it doesn’t last.

And that’s because the value of what we offer comes from helping your audience shift perspectives and bust their limiting beliefs.

When we hold the space for our audience to experience deep level transformation versus surface level change we create so much value for them.

It’s like merely holding a mirror up for them to see and experience where they need to change, and what is actually holding them back. 

It’s not that they don’t have the latest marketing strategy, or secret hack, it’s that their subconscious mind holds beliefs that shape our reality. And if we don’t like the results we’re getting we must start with rewiring our subconscious mind.

That is why I want to share two simple practices that have helped me rewire my thinking and belief patterns so that I can continue upleveling my businesses.

Here goes....

1. Question Your Thoughts

A mentor of mine introduced me to The Work of Bryon Katie. Katie’s inquiry process, which I do daily, has helped me question all of my thinking. And really hold me accountable to my fear-based thoughts that have been holding me back for years. 

If you want to experience the success you desire, you must master your thinking. And the first step to doing that is acknowledging that not everything you think is true and fact.

2. Let Your Intuition Guide You

If you’re overwhelmed, running on overdrive or simply trying to keep your head above water, you’ll struggle to tune into your intuition. But when we silence our mind through meditation, walks in nature, or simply slowing down our intuition will guide us.

Elizabeth Gilbert highlights in her book, Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear, that our intuition is always delivering hits of inspiration. 

But if we aren’t listening, it won’t stick around. It will find another human soul to deliver its message. She even shares an experience where she sat on a book idea for a few years, but when she went to finally finish what she started the inspiration was gone.

These two intentional practices have helped me 10x my business in the last year, but more importantly, they’ve helped me regain a creative way of living beyond fear. And really start enjoying this life I’ve been gifted.

If you find yourself overthinking what the next best step is for you, or you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the things you think you should be doing in your business, perhaps practicing some things that will help you raise your vibe so you can attract your tribe.

But also, so that you can truly start to create deeper transformations for your audience.

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