The BIGGEST Thing Holding You Back from Attracting More Clients

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2020

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People often approach me wanting to know how I’ve built and scaled my business so quickly. They say things like...


“What’s your secret Kathryn?”
“What are the exact steps you take?”
“Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”


I can’t help but blame the coaches and marketing gurus that use the rhetoric “secret sauce” or “cracking the code” for why entrepreneurs think they are missing something. Even worse believing that someone else has the keys to unlocking their success.


Sound familiar?


Well, I totally get it. You aren’t alone. I spent many years searching outside of myself for the answers as I chased the freedom lifestyle.


But the belief that someone else has the answers is the biggest thing holding you back from attracting your dream clients. 




The belief that when you figure out your “secret sauce” you’ll become an instant magnet and the floodgates will open. And your audience will practically throw their credit card at you.



Perhaps you’ve already spent months, even years investing in coaches, online courses, and downloading freebies hoping they’ll help you uncover the missing piece to achieving financial success.


But I want to share a perspective with you that I hope will help you fully embody the amazing human you are, and sit back into your glory so that you can start receiving the clients you deserve.




Here we go!! 


1. Embody Your Wholeness

If you find yourself thinking that you are missing something, or that you need something outside of yourself to attract more clients you are lacking the belief that you are whole. And you are searching for something to fulfill that missing piece.


It’s the age-old relationship lesson. No man or woman can complete you. Well, the same goes for your ability to attract your dream clients. No coach, mentor, course, or freebie will complete you. Your wholeness is inherent! And when you embody that you’ll amplify your attraction factor. 


2. Focus on Energetic Matches

You should never have to force or convince people to invest in what you have to offer. 




If you find yourself on sales calls or in the DMs trying to convince someone they need your services, you aren’t an energetic match. This is what makes sales icky, and gives sales a bad name. But even worse, you’ll end up with clients that aren’t a good fit.


This can look like, no-shows, people who end up not paying, people who expect you to do all the work for them, people who don’t take responsibility for their success, or clients who want you to carry them up the mountain. 


I recently had a customer tell me, “Kathryn you are good at sales.” And if I am being honest, this type of thing used to make me cringe. Because for me I never wanted to sell people something. But when I asked him why he thought that, he said, “Because you talk passionately and honestly about what you are selling without forcefully selling it. You also turn people away if you don’t think they are a good fit for what you are offering.”


And it dawned on me that sales aren’t icky, I was just making them that way. And what was meant for me energetically would come. So, if I continued to focus on energetic matches I was able to create more sales easily, and I would attract more of my dream clients.


3. Screw Outreach, Build Relationships

This might trigger people, and the Canadian in me wants to say sorry. But here it goes anyway...SCREW OUTREACH. A lot of my clients come to me saying they spend hours DMing people with little results. Not to mention they are freaking exhausted from spending all their time on the app. And they do this because an old coach or mentor told them to focus on outreach as a way of landing more clients.


If you find yourself doing this, but it isn’t working. Here’s a perspective as to why. 


Outreach looks like seeking people out through hashtags, or in FB communities. From an energy perspective that’s a very masculine approach when you are pushing, seeking, and grabbing attention versus a more feminine approach of attracting, nurturing, and receiving. 


If you want to try a more feminine approach to attracting clients, focus on building relationships with people, and your customers. I share on The Workshop Podcast how I focused heavily on customer experience as a way to generate close to a million dollars in sales. 


This episode was one of the most listened-to episodes among Jacquline’s audience. 

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