Why the DIY strategy is keeping you from scaling your online coaching business? And three ways for you to obtain support in your biz right now.

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2020

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Are you relying on free content to attract more clients and build your biz strategy? 

Ya know...downloading freebies, signing up for more weekly emails than your inbox can handle, and joining every free FB community that pops up on your feed. 

Hoping that with all of this FREE content you’ll be able to piece together your biz strategy and attract a steady flow of clients.

And I get it. 

You want this SOOOO freaking bad that you’ll do anything to make this dream a reality. 

The thing is the free content isn’t an effective way to build your business strategy. In fact, it’s keeping you stuck and preventing you from scaling your business. 

Not to mention the massive about of OVERWHELM it creates. 


Because this free content isn’t intentionally designed for your business. It’s designed to give you a boost of confidence to go after what you want to achieve. 

The thing is... it only gets you so far. And when you don’t get the results you desire you download another freebie, join another group, or sign up for another challenge. 

Hoping for a different result or massive breakthrough. And inch by inch you SLOWLY see progress but not enough to build a sustainable business. 


And before you know it an entire year has gone by and you’ve experienced little to no progress in your business. 

So you start to believe maybe….

    I need a new idea.

    I am not cut out for this.

    Maybe my content sucks.

    I need to get a REAL job.

Sound familiar?

Well the reality is the DIY approach is what’s keeping you from growing your business. 

Think about it...all of the uber successful entrepreneurs out there have invested in their personal and professional GROWTH and development at some point in their journey.

In fact, most look for support in the early stages of their biz. They don’t wait until they’ve made it to invest in themselves, because the early stage of business is what I call the make or break it stage. 

This is the stage of your business where most people end up quitting because they don’t get the results they want so they give up, change ideas, or go back to that dreaded job they hate.

It’s also really difficult to expect others to invest in your business, training, or mentorship if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself. 

Am I right?

So if you’ve been relying on the DIY approach to grow and build your business, but the results are subpar, it's time to look for support. 

Because it’s what truly sets the hobbyist apart from the successful entrepreneur. 

That is why I am sharing the three ways I use to obtain support in my biz and the reasons behind why I’ve been able to scale my biz.  


I fully understand that when you are first starting out, hiring team members seems out of reach. Mainly because when we aren’t seeing money flowing back into our business it’s hard to justify the expense. Also, we love to maintain control of everything and the thought of giving up that control is terrifying.

    What if they screw things up? 

    What if they don’t do them as well as me? 

    I don’t have time to train them!!

Can you resonate? 

I know these were all the reasons I waited so long to hire my first team member. And as I dissected this even more I realized me not hiring someone wasn’t that I couldn’t afford them or I didn’t have time to train them. 

What it really meant was I doubted whether or not my biz would take off. I was operating from a place of fear and doubt and that ultimately stifled my growth. 

But the reality is if you want to grow your business you need to hire people. And the minute I let go of that fear of ‘what if’ and hired help my biz took off. 

Our biz started to experience a 25% growth in sales per month. Now I don’t even hesitate to hire help because it’s an imperative step to growing your business. 


This is by far the best investment you can ever make. As Benjamin Franklin said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Learning, and investing in your growth is the key to building a successful business. A few examples include:

    Reading books.

    Investing in coaches and mentors.

   Obtaining degrees or certifications.

Personally my mentors are invaluable because they’ve helped me identify blind spots, and challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone.

So, I’d highly recommend investing in a mentor for support, because you can’t do this alone. 


Surround yourself with like-minded people. I hear all the time from clients that their family or friends just don’t get what they do. And they are often being asked:

    When are you going to get a real job? 

    Why did you quit your good paying job?

    Can you actually make a living doing this?

Sound familiar?

I know I’ve been asked all of these questions. And as incentive as they seem, your family and friends just don’t get it. And they aren’t in the trenches with you. 

“If you aren’t in the area also getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback” - Brené Brown.

That is why peer support is vital. These people are walking alongside you. They understand the extreme highs and lows you are experiencing. 

So the best thing you can do is find a small group of like-minded people that will hold the space for you when you need it. 

A year ago I met a group of women at a conference I attended and we’ve created our own mini mastermind group. We meet monthly to discuss ideas, gain support, and rally around each other when we are feeling low. 

And I am so freaking grateful for them and the wisdom they have provided me. 

So the theme for this year should be SUPPORT. And how to obtain more support in your business. 

Still unsure of the type of support you need, send me an email [email protected] and I’d love to help you.


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