Sales Aren't Icky, You're Just Making Them That Way!

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

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Have you caught yourself buying into the belief that sales are icky?

You know, feeling like you don’t want to be too pushy or salesy. And believe that if you talk about your products and services too much you’ll come across this way.


And I get it. When I first opened my brick and mortar I remember being bombarded by salespeople wanting me to invest in paid advertising.

They’d show up unannounced (because this is a tactic), and ask for a minute of my time. Only to jump straight into a pitch.




The people who’d send me a link to a video to watch hoping that it would do the selling for them.


And we can’t forget about the used car salesman, which has given sales a bad name.

But the truth is sales aren’t icky, pushy, or salesy. In fact, it’s a belief that you’ve attached to an experience you’ve had with salespeople. 




Sales aren’t icky, you’re just making them that way. The thing is the best salespeople know that selling hinges on your ability to create relationships and have conversations with your customers. 


They understand that the more they can create a connection with their people, the more they’ll end up selling. 


And not from a place of selling for the sake of selling and making money, but selling with the intention to help people. 




Sales = Solution + Service! 🤗


It’s not our job to try and convince people to buy from you. It’s our job to hold space for our audience so they can make the best decision for themselves.


And when we approach sales with this intention we create an opportunity for a beautiful exchange. 


So, the next time you are prepping for a sales call or asking for a sale ask yourself these three questions:


  1. Is this person the right fit for what I’m offering, or am I just asking for the sale because it will feel good to hear yes, and I could use the money?
  2. Am I making this pitch about me or my customer?
  3. How will it make me feel if they say no?


When we make sales about ourselves, we lose sight of what’s best for our customers. And we tend to regret it in the long run. 




Because we tend to attract customers that aren’t a good fit for what we are selling. And it can also create havoc for you as you won’t be able to meet their needs or expectations. 


And I don’t want that for you. That is why I am sharing my Connect to Convert Method with you. It’s the method I follow to attract customers into my business. With the intention of forming a connection first, and focusing on converting last.


I do this because that initial connection allows both parties to assess if your product or service would be a good fit. 


Otherwise, if you focus on selling first you may attract people who have a hard time saying no, or who are impulse buyers. And soon realize this wasn’t exactly what they needed.

So here’s the method I teach inside the Messaging that Sells Accelerator program.

1. Connect

In this stage, you are building awareness and forming that connection with your ideal clients. This stage is comparable to going on your first few dates with someone. You are just getting to KNOW each other. So you wouldn’t ask them to get married, right? 


I mean what if you aren’t compatible with each other. So you wouldn’t sell them on your product or service at this stage either. Because you aren’t sure just yet if this is the right union for both parties.


2. Invite

In this stage, you’ve moved past your initial dating days and you are ready to invite your dream date to meet your friends or into your launch if analogies aren’t your thing. If they LIKE you, they will want to meet your friends (aka join your launch).


If they don’t resonate with you, they will likely move on. And that is totally cool. We aren’t meant to resonate with everyone on the planet. So, someone moving on or choosing another path should actually be encouraged.


3. Convert

Converting your customers into sales hinges on how much TRUST your audience has in you as the only solution to their problems or gateway to their greatest desire.


This is why it’s so important to build that know and like, before pitching a sale. If you jump straight to pitching the sale before getting to know your audiences’ needs or forming that connection, it’s going to feel icky. And they likely won’t trust you.


4. Nurture

This is the most forgotten stage in the customer journey. Your customers’ journey should never end with the sale. In fact, it should never end when your launch ends. You should always be thinking of ways to nurture your audience whether they bought something from you or not.


The more you focus on this stage the more growth you’ll start to experience. Your customers' journey is never linear, so this is the LIKE, KNOW, and TRUST being built all the time. 


So lovely I’ll leave you with this…


Sales are a beautiful exchange between people that allows one to be of service and the other to receive service.


If you want to learn more about how-to-do that, come join my FREE FB Community if you want to learn what to say and how to say it so that you can attract your dream clients, and make more money doing what you love. 

✌️ Peace friends!


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