What it takes to create a 5-figure launch

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2020


There is nothing worse than pouring your heart and soul into launching your product or service only to have little to no one buy it.

Am I right?

Well I know I’ve launched a few times to crickets and it sucked. But I learned so much about why I was unable to create consistent 5-figure launches.

If I am being completely honest, what I am going to share below will not only help you create consistent 5-figure launches it will set you up to create 6 and 7-figure launches.

Those two things that actually play a major factor in attracting more paying clients are your messaging and offer. 

If you aren’t experiencing the results you desire, it doesn’t mean your offer sucks. It just means your messaging doesn’t position your offer in a way that showcases its irresistible value to the right people at the right time.


If you’re struggling to create consistent income in your business you’re likely making one or more of the six common mistakes I see struggling online coaches make when trying to sell their offer.

And I want to help you avoid making these mistakes that is why I am sharing them below.

1. Failing to Position Your Offer Uniquely

Far too often I see struggling online coaches try to sell their offer without identifying what makes them and their approach different, and why their dream clients should pick them over someone else. As a result, they end up adding to the noise instead of cutting through it. 

Ya know...sounding like everyone else in your industry, or being asked by your audience what makes you different from similar coaches. 

If you find yourself being asked how you are different than someone else in your industry, you’re failing to differentiate yourself and your offer. 

If you want to attract more paying clients, you have to position your offer to sell. Meaning you must communicate what makes you different in comparison to other similar businesses.

2. Promoting the Offer Features

I always come across a tad harsh when I talk about this, but if I don’t dish it to you real I’m doing you a massive disservice. 

So here goes!! 

Your audience doesn’t care about how many calls they get, or modules you’ll deliver. They don’t care if your program is 4, 5, or 6 weeks. And they certainly don’t care about the name of your product. 


All they care about is achieving their desired result. Show them you can help them get there and they’ll start throwing money at you. Continue to spend time talking about all the great things they’ll get inside your program and you’ll continue hearing crickets.

3. Devoting Hours to Creating an Offer Before Marketing It

Gahhh... this is soul crushing!! I’ve seen so many online coaches spend months getting ‘ready’ to launch their offer, but they’ve never actually tested the concept with their ideal audience. And I get it. The old school business model promotes the notion of ‘build it first, and then your audience will come’. So it’s not a surprise that most struggling online coaches are doing the same. 

The thing is sitting alone in your house perfecting your offer isn’t the way to create an irresistible offer that your audience can’t wait to get their hands on. 


Because you haven’t tested the concept to see if it’s something they actually freaking want. You’re assuming that you know what your audience wants better than they do!! 


Ask any successful online coach and they’ll tell you that they tested their concept first, and built out their offer alongside their audience so that it was actually something they couldn’t resist.

4. Scrapping Your Offer Each Time Your Launch Flops

Raise your hand if you’ve scrapped your offer and started over from scratch after a failed launch? No shame here, because I’ve talked to loads of online coaches who’ve done the same. 

Heck...my first launch bombed big time. And I ditched the concept all together, because I convinced myself no one wanted it. The thing is there are so many factors that go into creating a successful launch.

Just because your launch flopped, doesn’t mean your offer sucks. But when we scrap our idea and start over, we are erasing all of the amazing data that can show us what was working and what wasn’t working. 

This gives us the opportunity to build on our last launch. Hence the idea of ‘building’ a business.

5. Creating Too Many Options

Most emerging online coaches struggle with this one, because they are desperate for a sale. And they don’t care how they get it. 

So they create lots of options hoping one will stick. The problem is the more options you give your audience the more confused they become. And a confused audience doesn’t buy. 

You may experience a sale here and there, but not enough to contribute to the household income or ditch that dreaded 9-5 job. 

You need consistent sales to achieve that, right? 

Well more options isn’t the solution to attracting more sales. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. You need to focus on selling one signature offer. When you master that, you can consider diversifying your product offerings.

6. Messaging + Offer Aren’t In Alignment

This is a doozy. And what causes most online coaches to pull their hair out. They can’t quite figure out the magic combination that fills their launches and sells out their offers effortlessly. They see other uber successful coaches crushing it, and wonder how they are doing it. 

The answer is ...ALIGNMENT. Meaning their message + offer is connecting with the right people at the right time. 

This mastery rarely happens in the first or second launch. It might even take more than that. That is why it’s vital to continue tweaking, testing, tweaking, testing until you crack the code. When you nail this you’ll never have a problem selling your offer again.

Before you rush off, I’d like to thank you for making it this far. Your messaging and creating an irresistible offer are the two most important things you must master in your business if you want to create consistent income. 

But far too often, I see online coaches focusing on building the prettiest website, creating a logo, growing their list, and naming and perfecting their offer. 

The thing is none of these things matter if you can’t actually sell your offer. And you won’t sell your offer if you don’t master your messaging and position your offer to sell. 

Because you and I both know that a business without sales is just an expensive hobby.

So friend, are you treating your business like an expensive hobby? 

If so, it’s time to stop. And I hope this blog will help you avoid making these common mistakes so that you can attract more paying clients. 

Something we focus on in my signature program, the Messaging that Sells Accelerator. A unique experience designed to help you create consistent 5-figure launches. 

If it’s something you are interested in learning more about, join the waitlist for the next time I open the doors.


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