Why I decided to sell my successful brick and mortar business? And why I am giving you permission to walk away from what isn’t serving you anymore.

itsokaytoquit Dec 30, 2019

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After three years of building and growing my business to over a quarter of a million dollars in sales, I decided to post it for sale. 


It’s never easy making a decision to walk away from something you’ve spent so much time and energy building. Not to mention something that’s been operating successfully. 

Can you relate?

If you’re anything like me, you are committed to a fault, and when you give someone or something your word you go all in. 

Do you know what I mean?

So quitting isn’t easy for me, in the good or bad times. And talking about it is even harder, because we often assume that when people QUIT things it must mean we’ve failed.

If I am being completely honest I’d convinced myself for a while that I was a failure. And I’d questioned if I was just meant to settle even if things didn’t serve me anymore.

I know, I know...I’d given my decision to ‘move on’ this really yucky meaning. And I tortured myself for a long time. 

I mean I wasn’t only walking away from my business, but all the amazing customers I’d gotten to know over the last three years. 

My customers had become like an extended family in a way. I supported some of them through divorces, loss of children, and illnesses that struck unexpectedly. 

And I felt like my decision to sell was a gesture of giving up on them. The people pleaser in me struggled deeply with this decision. 

Ya know... 

Living your life to please other people because it’s easier to stay than walk away and disappoint those around you. 

Sound familiar?

But the TRUTH is sometimes we outgrow our current situation and it might not be a fit anymore. It doesn’t have to mean it’s something ‘bad’ or that you’ve failed. 

And that is exactly what happened to me. I’d outgrown my current situation and I knew I needed to move on. 

Even if it wasn’t a popular decision among our partners and the many raving and loyal customers I’d grown to love over the years.

The bottom line is this was the BEST decision for me. 

It took every ounce of courage to choose ME and follow my own path. And it didn’t make me selfish, contrary to what others might think or say.

I’d felt called for a very long time, longer than I owned my store in fact, to help other people own their worth, live their life on their own terms, and fully step into their power. 

And I knew I had a powerful STORY to share, and I wanted to help others do the same.


Because when we are following our path and living our souls work we radiate light, love, and gratitude.

That’s why Creatively Owned was born, and why I chose to do this work. 

Regardless of the people I may disappoint, or the detours I’ve made along the way, I’ve got a gift to share with the world. And the power of that outweighs the challenges I might face along the way!

I also want you to know that you too have a GIFT to share! 

And I am here to personally support you in chasing your dreams, and facing those challenges that come with going after what you want. 

So what do you say?

I’d love to hear what you are unapologetically going after this year? 

Even if it might ruffle a few feathers. This is your permission slip (not that you need one) to walk away from what isn’t serving you anymore.


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